Spoon for Sir John Soane, 2006

The ste is the house of Sir John Soane (1753-1837), a distinguished architect that built his house to contain his extensive collections of antiquities and works of art. His house is situated at 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields in London and is now a museum ,Sir John Soane's Museum which is open to the public.

Sir John Soane’s house is a magical place where his collections occupy every corner of the house in the most imaginative way. It is about light, colour, illusion, surprise, delight, order and knowledge all at the same time.

I made a spoon, a precious spoon out of fine gold, for John Soane the architect and the collector, to collect precious objects, light and culinary delights.

Its colour is that of antiquity and of the sparkling gold jewellery amongst archeological findings in museums. Its size is between that of a real spoon and a dollshouse spoon, it is neither real not unreal, like the house itself.





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